Sunday, 7 December 2014

Advent's 7th Door

If like me you countdown the days to Christmas with a series of treats, ideas and little gifts then this advent printable is for you. If like me you have kids that like to shake and try to guess whats wrapped up for their surprise then these are perfect for them. 

A set of 24 of the prettiest little boxes, pillow boxes and envelopes ready to fill with little chocolates, tokens for adventures and little gifts (lots of ideas here) With these little parcels and packages you can disguise each surprise as the days are counted down.
I love the little slips too with sweet ideas perfect to surprise your partner with..... dinner for two, a bouquet of flowers, tickets for the theatre or a book. There's a whole host of blank ones too so you can write your own personal favourites that you know will be loved.

I'd be so utterly thrilled to receive a little token as would so many of my 'grown-up' friends, and they don't have to be every day. This time of the year gets so busy with so many things to do, to plan and to ready its important to stop and take note of all those around you and an advent gift or two will make that day in the countdown one that will be remembered. Why not pick a number and make that your secret advent day each year. A new tradition.

Discover this pretty printable here.

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