Friday, 19 December 2014

Advents 19th Door - Garlands, Games and Gift Tags

Splashes of colours and lashings of sprinkles these printable donuts are such great bright fun and sure to delight. I know my youngest daughter Oona , self confessed donut lover, will just love to find these in her advent or even in her stocking (if its not too late Father Christmas). Used as a Memory Game, or as Amy Moss suggests; bunting, gift toppers and party bag fillers these really are a wonderful treat. 

The Memory game is always a popular game in our house and quite often the girls will play again and again especially if the images appeal. These Lollipop's will make a popular family game so too will these pretty Matrioska dolls. Discover them all and find your favourites be it for garlands, games or gift tags.

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