Saturday, 6 December 2014

Advents 6th Door

We've been enjoying writing and discovering little notes for each other with this fun little printable set. Just a simple a note can make such lovely post to discover.

We've printed off lots of the letter sets and the girls have each made a letter box for their bedroom door.  With a pile of letter sets printed off the girls have been finding so many things to write to each other.

'Thank you for helping me with my homework.' Would you like to play?' Whether they're sharing something about their day, saying thank you or a sorry I did that, its lovely to see the art of letter writing coming alive again even if each letter is just a line, the meaning in each one carries a lot more.

The free printable set includes a choice of two letter boxes to make and a letter set. Each letter set includes notecards, stamps and two pretty envelope designs.

Discover and create your own here

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