Thursday, 11 December 2014

Advents 11th Door - Sew Pretty Printables

There's something so utterly charming about these lacing cards,  the comfort of continuity of childhood pastimes and the thought of sitting still and being creative is all too inviting at this busy time of year. 
I love the warm colour of this Owl lacing card along with the three other animal designs ready to be downloaded here.  Hung on the wall, stuck to the fridge or turned into a festive card you can colour match their feathers and fur or have fun with bright colours and patterns. 
These cross-stitch animals are in need of some warm wintry jumper designs and though these might be better suited for slightly older children I think children (and adults) of all ages will love these creatures. I think they'd make wonderful gift tags too. 

Discover all our favourite lacing cards:

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