Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Advents 2nd Door

Its the 2nd of December and the children are begging to begin the decorating and asking when we'll be getting the tree. Though its far too early for our tree and i'm no where near ready for tinsel, pretty paper fans in delicate colours are just as happy hung up now or in the summer. So we've been making these beautiful paper snowflakes, printing them onto coloured and patterned card and threading them together hung in groups and here and there and used for pretty miniature garlands around the home. 

So simple to make and utterly addictive in their instant satisfaction these medallions that began as their playroom decorations have slowly drifted along the hallway into bedrooms and soon no doubt will be seen everywhere.... But thats just fine. They're beautiful and already our home feels like Christmas has arrived. 

Print your own here. with thanks to minieco.co.uk

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