Friday, 12 December 2014

Once upon a place....

..... and there I discovered a family of vegetables hung like snowdrops from a flower, watered with rainbows caught in a red watering can. Creatures great, creatures tall, creatures brave and creatures small played in the garden under a tall tree with adventures on every branch.  We took tea parties among the toadstools with new found friends, sipping from pastel petal cups and saucers. Birds came from near and far and sang songs and called to the wild and sparkling horses and elephants in tutus danced among the blossoms of the tree.
We found houses built with coloured stars, windows and doors opened with a little wooden key. Fluffy dwellings lined the paths, I think I saw little fluffy people inside. We rode horses that leapt high above the trees circling words to the moon and back again. We dined with dinosaurs in bright bow ties. We found dragons that taught us never to be afraid and we sailed among the stars that hung from the sky like garlands..... once upon a place.

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