Monday, 15 December 2014

Advents 15th Door

The day's are whooshing by as Christmas day is drawing nearer  and with the children now having finished school for the Christmas term I'm finding that time has become even more precious. We're all enjoying slow mornings and lazy afternoons and re-discovering favourite games and pastimes. It feels as though the time is ours to spend as we wish and so thats what we're doing.

We've pulled out our Shadow puppet theatre and found some of our shadow puppets and made more characters to add to stories.  Its such a beautiful way to spend the winter afternoons inside warm and cosy and there's no end to the characters and sets that can be introduced. Bedtime stories have been drawn into long bedtime productions and I think there's a secret rehearsal of a special Christmas spectacular!

Here's a great place to start your collection with this free printable download here.

Once you begin you'll see how easy it becomes to make your own, drawn onto cardboard and cut out or discovering silhouettes to print.  These below are a perfect addition to any set of shadow puppets. You can find them here and here .

Today I discovered these incredible detailed ones which I hope to cut out and give for another advent creation for them. If I can figure out how to upload our creations for printing I'll be sure to pass them on.


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