Thursday, 8 March 2012

The Art of Living - The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt

As you go about your busy days in London look out for some pretty impressive decorated eggs hidden around the capital. An incredible egg hunt is taking place running until 3rd April and everyone is invited to discover and see over 200 painted and decoarted egg sculptures here in London.
The incredibly decadent, legendary jewellery brand Faberge have invited artists and designers, architects and jewellers to design a collection of 2.5ft tall eggs that have now been spread accross the capital. This fun and creative initiative is all done in support of the charities Elephant Family and Action for Children.  The Big Egg Hunt hopes to raise more than £2 million for the charities and we applaud the concept with excited children in tow ready to go on the hunt!
You could be in the running to win a the Diamond Jubilee Egg just by texting the 'key word' at the egg you find. The more eggs you find, the more chances you have at winning. But, that's not all, if you've enough pennies in the bank you can bid on 'Le Collier Plume D'Or, or bid on one of the unique eggs from the hunt!
This is set to be a record breaking egg hunt and no matter how you chose to take part its an egg hunt too good to miss.

So, grab your maps and get hunting and help raise money for two very worthy charities in the process.
How many can you find?

Send us your pictures and we'll add them to the collection here. 

These amazing pictures are with thanks to Richard Isaac

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  1. I saw quite a few last weekend, they are amazing!