Tuesday, 20 March 2012

I Spy - Rob Ryan Romance

My sister and I have been having a bit of romance with Rob Ryan's work for some time now. His pensive, wistful and dream-like screen and laser-cut prints make the heart flutter, reading like a mantra that lets you inhale the beautiful, sometimes mysterious words and carry them with you. 

So when I discovered 'The Gift', a book written by Carol Ann Duffy, a story adorned and reiterated through the wonderful art of Rob Ryan's illustrations I knew it was a book which just like Ryan's art I'd like to share with my daughters.
The story journeys through the life of a young girl and her desires and wishes that mould it. Beautifully and just as delicately as the illustrations are made The Gift  interprets the circle of life, looking into the balance of love, birth, death and the importance of friendships and families. Its fairy-tale style resonates with the innocence and purity of life itself. 
Seen through the eyes of a girl as the years pass it has a magical yet sombre charm that expresses the mysteries that lie at the heart of the human experience. Exploring universal truths in an honest and approachable manner the story presents a difficult theme in an accessible way that will speak to anyone of any age who has ever wondered about the mysteries that our lives ensue.

I cannot imagine the book being able to speak so beautifully without the resonance of Ryan's illustrations. For younger children especially, words may wash over them but the images remain and are journeyed into.

I have always been taught to never judge a book by its cover however this is one time when you can - quite literally. The Gift is just that. A gift that can be shared with and by all.

Rob Ryan's website

The Gift is available from here and here and here and most bookshops on the highstreet.

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