Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I Spy - Hervé Tullet

Herve Tullet is an award winning illustrator, artist and author who has a wonderful ability to make pictures speak. He has a bright and colourful bibliography that includes 'Press here', 'The book with a hole', 'The game of light' and 'The scribble book'.  His pictures speak through their lines, their sensations and their colour. Giving an element of surprise his books playfully and colourfully encourage the reader to unlock their creativity and to lose their inhibitions. They encourage the reader to bend the rules, cross the boundaries they may already know and experiment by themselves their own ideas and creativity. 
Tullet once said 'I always wanted to do books for the babies. Maybe I think babies are most able to understand. Because they know nothing so, they know everything.' This idea of leaving behind what you already know to go on a journey into countless possibilities is the charm and excitement of Herve Tullet's work.

We have enjoyed most, if not all, of the books that Tullet has shared and when we visited the Tate Modern gift shop Sophia discovered something new! Happy to part with her pocket money savings we came home with what has since become our favourite family game. We are all enjoying the magic of Herve Tullet and can't wait to discover more of his wonderful books and games. 

'Artist'ik' is a game which combines Herve Tullets art and Djeco's joyous games. The box contains hours of fun firing the imagination and creativity and is brilliantly funny. There is no 'winning' or 'losing' just creative fun.
The set comes with 16 different free form shapes which you use as a template to draw the beginning of your character. Then you role the dice to discover how many eyes you need to add, how many noses, ears, mouths, arms, legs and hair! The result is hilarious and each time its so very different.

If Herve Tullet's books had sounds they would explode with the sound of all the delight and vibration of colour. Full of laughter intermixed with wow's of wonderment and excited aah's Herve Tullet's game 'artist'ik' has the exact same magic as his books and if you know us you know we love creativity and magic.

So go, grab yourself some Herve Tullet books and games and cross the boundaries to discover your own creativity.

Phaidon, the Tate modern gift shop, Amazon,  and Waterstones all stock a collecion of Herve Tullet's work.

We discovered 'Artist'ik at the Tate gift shop, though I can't yet see it on their online shop, you could try 'my small world' 

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  1. Artistik sounds like an awesome game to stimulate the imagination for those of us getting a bit tired of Pictionary!