Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Wednesday Woo - What Colour is Your Spring?

Spring is bursting through the clouds and the parks and gardens are beginning to bloom.
A rainbow of colours will soon be flourishing telling us a new season has arrived!
So whether your garden will soon be full of the efforfescent colours of bright pinks, cotton candy turquoise, or  waterlilies we have a host of fashion, decorations and toys to see you into Spring .

Play with pastel shades with waterlily prints, pleated flower jacquard dresses, cupcakes, bunnies and sprinkles of glittering gold as you tiptoe round the garden in search of hidden Easter surprises.

Chase shooting stars, go bananas in bright rompers and spin til your dizzy in Bright pink Soda.

Brights Vs Pastels
What colour are you?

This is part of our Wednesday Woo collection. We also have other stories and features including our 'Monday Makery', 'I Spy' and 'The art of living'.
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