Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday Makery - Zoo's Who Storage Jars

Perhaps I'm a little obsessed with good storage and pretty ways to keep things tidy and organised but I have had a huge amount of empty storage jars begging for a project. I knew I wanted bright colours and they would have to be fun. Fun enough to encourage the girls to want to be tidy at least.
So with some plastic animals that were on their way to the charity shop, some spay paint and a collection of screw top jars we will no longer be hunting for the missing dice, my cotton threads have never looked so tempting and all those 'little-bits-that-you-can-never-find-but-are-oh-so-important' now have a great new home.

Here's what you'll need:

  • Screw top jars - jam jars are perfect
  • spray paint
  • miniature animals and toys
  • super glue

Here's how:
  1. Begin by cleaning the jars and chosen animals.
  2. Fix the animals onto the jar lids with strong glue
  3. Once the glue is dried - we left ours overnight to adhere firmly - get spraying. 
  4. Leave to dry.
  5. Fill with pencils, crayons, pencils, small toys or even use in the kitchen for sugar and rice and all things nice!

I'm on the search now for some larger jars so i can keep pasta and cereals in this way too. If I can find some good plastic screw top jars I'll be using then as a alternative to party bags for kids parties too. 

Now i'm addicted to quick and easy fix of spray painting things to change their look instantly I'm looking around for more things I can 'update' and make 'new' ...........

Oh and if you're in need of a peg rail for bags and coats take a look here ....who knew plastic animals could have such versatility!

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  1. Just bought a bag of plastic farm animals like these for £1 from the market in Frome on Saturday. And have been saving Bonne Maman jars like a woman obsessed. Think I know what I'll be doing with them all now! Mrs B x

  2. What a fantastic idea! Lovely x