Friday, 2 March 2012

Once Upon a Week - Not in a million years!

So, despite the fact that your washing machine has been in constant use for the past 3 days, the laundry pile is still as tall you. Your youngest is still not sleeping through the night even though theoretically she should be, and there's no amount of concealer that can disguise it. Your morning beauty regime consists of washing your face whilst answering an onslaught of questions that seem to begin upon waking even though your own head isn't switched on until your first slurps of morning caffeine have kicked in, and applying mascara whilst getting the breakfast ready before the school run. Which seems to be all you do - as though you're on a yo-yo! You wear whats easiest to find and the days of trying on countless outfits before leaving the door have long gone, despite the fact you swore they never would. The beautiful shoes (mainly high heeled) that you once drawled over, the ones that became the lust haves you saved for are now teetering on the edge of the children's dressing up box and 'practical' flats are the norm. Your hair hasn't been washed and brushed simultaneously in days and the stylish-messy-side-ponytail that's now in vogue is already a bore. Your childrens social life has now taken over yours and the last romantic meal you had was a sandwich from pret-a-porter whilst the children slept in the buggy. Despite the fact you do occasionally get forgotten in the whirlwind of everyday life as mum. Would you ever change it?

Not now. Not ever. Not in a million years.

Of all the things you once were, you are still, only now you are so much more. You are a mother. Your heart journeys with your children and there is nothing in the world more wonderful, more beautiful more satisfying than that!

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  1. So true! Thats my reality as well and I wouldn't change it!