Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Art of Living - Sleeping Beauty, Splurge Guns and Magic Carpets

My First Sleeping Beauty

Enter the magical world of enchanted forests and castles, fairies and the beautiful princess Aurora in My First Sleeping Beauty. The ballet dancer turned award winning choreographer Mathew Hart has created a ballet to be experienced for young children. Featuring graduating dancers from the English National Ballet School this is a great first ballet for children aged 3 years and upwards and their families. 
Whilst the story stays true to the original Sleeping Beauty and still uses the magic of Tchaikovsky's music you may also recognise Disney's Once Upon A Dream. Mathew Hart takes a classic, keeps it a classic but makes it accessible to all. Perhaps one day when seeing the full version of Sleeping Beauty performed by the English National Ballet children may recognise some of the choreography from their First Sleeping Beauty.

If the idea of a long ballet has previously put you off taking children have no fear with My first Sleeping Beauty. The audience is invited to come along dressed up, to boo the baddies and sing along too.  

The National Tour of 
runs from 
3rd April - 3rd June 
and begins here in London at the Peacock Theatre.

Cinema meets Theatre in the live Cinema performance of 
Bugsy Malone

Relive the magic of the big screen in this live cinema homage to the fantastic late 1920's styled film presented by Future Cinema at the Troxy. With a weekend matinee of the performance to include dancing, singing, flapper dresses and gangsters galore and a whole lot of custard pies and splurge guns this looks set to be a great family experience not to be missed.

This one of our favourite films when were kids, singing all the songs, swooning over Busgy and learning all the dance moves from the girls at Fat Sams.  I would have loved this as a child and I'm going to love it even more with my own children. 

Free activities for children of all ages at the
National Gallery

We are so spoiled here in London with the incredible amount of museums and galleries that are on offer and our children are lucky enough to experience them too, Free. With free entry and great free activities on offer, museums are no longer the dust filled bore of school trips but rather fun explorations into other worlds, countires, time and colour, design and art.

The National Gallery has interactive story sessions with the 
magic carpet storytelling for the under fives and 
art workshops for 5-11 year olds.

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