Monday, 5 March 2012

Monday Makery - I'll Give You My Heart

Mothers day is just around the corner now. It is a time when we say 'thank you for all the things you do both big and small.' 
I remember making 'perfume' with a mix of water and flower petals. A potion that soon went brown but was received with the biggest smile and squeals of delight from my own mother. I remember too the badges we made, the decorated margarine pots optimistically called 'jewellery boxes'  and the breakfasts-in-bed consisting of cornflakes, marmalade toast and lukewarm tea. We all loved that feeling of tiptoeing into her bedroom, tray in hand with our assortment of mum inspired presents. We would climb onto the bed and watch as she unwrapped each personal gift and feel so proud.
Here we make delicate charms threaded onto coloured embroidery floss. Their simplicity is what makes them so beautiful and of course they're easy to create and perfect for the craft-a-phobic. So pass this on to your partner for a great mothers day gift or make them with your children for your own mother.

Here's what you'll need:

Here's how:
  1. Take your block of Fimo and taking a little pinch off mould it into a chubby triangle. Then triangle mould  it into a heart shape.
  2. Take your needle and push through the side of your heart giving it a wriggle to make a wide 'threading' hole.
  3. Once you're happy with your charms place them on a foil lined baking tray and put into the oven 110C for a maximum of 30 mins
  4. Remove from the oven and let them cool until they're room temperature. They won't harden completely until they have cooled.
  5. Thread the needle with your embroidery floss and thread on your charm. Pull one end of the thread to meet the desired length of your bracelet so as to create double the thread.
  6. Tie a knot in one end. Knotting both strands of the floss together. Cut the thread at the needle end and tie another knot.
Your heart is now ready to wear, ready to give away and ready to be enjoyed.

We'll wear each others hearts and they will journey with us. 

Of course any shape or bead design would be beautiful but these were what the girls wanted to make. We did also attempt stars and clouds in yellow and blue to make bracelets for friends - though a trickier shape to get right they were delighted with them too. These charms would make great birthday gifts too and wonderful to put into party bags. You could give them a personal touch by making each bead into a initial. Just remember to keep the charm small as Fimo is quite heavy and carrying a heavy heart is no so nice!

This is part of our Monday Makery; a weekly craft or recipe to make or bake.
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  1. This is such a beautiful thing to make, I will definately be making with my daughters :)

  2. Love it! As always, you're so creative.