Friday, 14 October 2011

The Art of Living: Liberty Rocks Fabric Collection

Hush my beating heart, I've just discovered the new collection of Art Prints at Liberty.  I'm in fabric heaven!  Liberty is the place that has fuelled my passion for print and pattern since I was a child.  This time they have really rocked me.  And rock n'roll it really is...

The talented design team at Liberty have been working with musicians and artists to create a really quite stunning collection of prints. They are grouped into 7 parts: Inspired by Musicians, Inspired by Artists, Liberty's Greatest Hits, Music Decades in Design, Rock and Roll Paisley, Design Inspired by Lyrics, Liberty's Ultimate Album Covers.  It's a really vibrant celebration of the past 50 years of music and some great artists have got involved.

How lucky was Florence Welch of ‘Florence and the Machine’ in visiting the Liberty archives and selecting two of her favourite designs for this season’s collection: Grace, a vintage, hand drawn lace print from the 19th Century; and Dancing Ladies, a traditional Liberty Floral popular in the 1920s and 30s

A Boy Dreams Liberty Print is a really beautiful design created from original drawings by Blur guitarist and solo musician Graham Coxon.  It reminds me of a 60s woodcut and has got me all a quiver with a must-have-this feeling...

The Liberty Design Team sourced vintage album covers from second hand record shops to inspire the colour pallette. Seeing these together is really exciting...

These colours are taken from a palette of intense icy blues using the hues of the cover of the 1975 best-selling album 'Siren':

On the cover of 'Feels Like the First Time' the band members posed in a collection of differently coloured macintosh coats, stimulating the Design Team to create a palette of these colours, with shades of dusty pink, velvet green suede brown and beige:

80s band Colourbox produced 'Baby I Love You So' with a record sleeve cover that featured rich reds, lustrous scarlets and dark magentas:

BB King brought a vibrancy and boldness to the rock and roll scene reflected in this collection by rich opulent shades:

Warm and wintry with colour tones in luxuriant shades from rich ochre to conker:

East Coast Indie band Absolute Grey made a name for themselves in the 1980s. Their album 'Greenhouse' inspired the Liberty Team to produce a palette of differing shades of grey ranging from deep charcoal to pale flint:

This is a truly magnificent musical collection of prints and makes me realise even more my passion for fabric and also why Liberty really is an outstanding part of our British Design Heritage. Thank you Liberty!

Visit Liberty or see the Liberty Rocks collection online here

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  1. Love your feature on Liberty Prints, I'm also a big fan and I'm using them in the My Sister Mabel's A/W 2011.x