Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Art of Living: The Pleasure of Baking

It's National Baking Week with homes and schools across the country full of the joyous smell of baking and the happy munching of some good old home-made cake, including us!  It doesn't have to be baking week for our household to get out the mixing bowl, at the moment it's a weekly thing with Gabe ('I'm nearly 4') requesting to make cake nearly every day.  Banana Cake was yesterday and Apple Cake is the order of today - one of my favourites.  I never thought it would be my son who would make me realise the pleasure of baking. 

Gabe's Banana Bread

I watched Kirstie's Handmade Britain last night on Channel 4 with some very sophisticated cake making. It had me drooling over the cakes and also admiring Kirstie's late night prize-winning efforts. Kirstie, I can relate to the boys-stealing-utensils scenario! Whilst I like eating fancy cakes - those Eclairs looked amazing - fancy baking is not my thing at all.  I'm definitely a cobble it all together and hope for the best kind of baker - that's why I choose foolproof Banana Bread. But...maybe if I had a Kenwood mixer.....

Here's some places where we get regular food inspiration:

Housewife Confidential is a favourite of ours with a mouth-watering recipe index and a new section about Baby Led Weaning which has got me very inspired.  The video of 'Betsy Led Weaning has to be seen.  It's amazing to witness the progress of a baby learning to feed herself solids.  I've never seen anything like it.  It's a great project by Kat to have captured all those moments of Betsy on camera.  Do share this video - it really will help inspire mamas who've wondered about trying Baby Led Weaning. It has certainly confimed the approach for me.

My Daddy Cooks is a seriously good site and book with family recipes that are tasty and work. 
I actually think Kat of Housewife Confidential and Nick of My Daddy Cooks should get together and do a show! I think it's a format that would this space!

Let us know where you get your baking inspiration and we'd love some recipe guest blogs for the autumn season and for Christmas - do get in touch!

Happy baking and cake-eating!

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  1. Hurrah for baking! I can tell you that a show with Nick and I would be a show filled with bickering - we would never even decide what to cook!