Monday, 31 October 2011

Monday Makery: Fairy Cup Acorn Caps

We are so enraptured by today's Monday Makery from Catherine over at the Bristol Parenting Cafe.  Her blog is full of stories of family life, crafts and adventures, with some beautiful photos. It was a blog we discovered when we launched Sisters Guild and delved into the most inspiring community of what we can only call  'mums who create wonder at home.'  It's so great to be able to have a guest makery from one such mama who found a world of creativity with her children.

Over to Catherine...

It’s been a lovely autumn so far with sunny, blue-skied days.  We have been spending time outdoors enjoying the mild weather and back at home I’ve been finding pockets full of autumn treasures including leaves, conkers and sycamore seeds.  Last week we managed to collect a jar full of acorn caps, which are one of my very favourite autumn finds.  There is something particularly magical about their tiny size and how they appear to be perfect fairy or elf drinking cups!  We have been busy transforming them into these colourful acorn jewels.  Z and E absolutely loved making these so I think they’ll be a few more batches before the season is out.  

You’ll need
  • A selection of acorn caps
  • Felt-tip pens
  • PVA glue
  • White/blue tac
  • A tray protected with old newspaper. 
  • Glitter (optional)

How to:
  • Colour in the inside of each acorn cap using your felt tip pens.
  • Place the coloured acorn cap onto the newspaper-covered tray, with their coloured side up.  They need to be upright so use blue-tac on the base to help support them.  Make sure the felt tip hasn’t dried out as the glue won’t take the colour and they’ll dry plain white.  To be on the safe side you could do a top up the colour just before adding the glue. 
  • Fill each acorn with PVA glue.  We used a plastic baby spoon and don’t worry if it spills over the cap as it dries clear.
  • Leave the acorns until dry (about 24 hours).
In our second batch we sprinkled glitter on the top of the glue as in our house there doesn’t seem to be anything Z and E don’t think could be improved with a bit of sparkle.

Thank you Catherine. They really are like fairy cups or jewels, who'd have thought it's a simple combination of felt tip colour and glue. Of we go on an acorn hunt!

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  1. Oh it looks great, thank you. You have such an inspiring blog - it's a treat to have guest posted! Have a happy Halloween too!

  2. yay she is inspiring isn't she?! Cathy these are gorgeous. Congratulations. LOu xx

  3. Beautiful! I have the big girl at home alone today, so we will try these out. I shall go searching in coat pockets for the acorn hats, they are always full of them ;)

  4. These look fabulous. What a great idea.

  5. So adorable in everyway! Love all the inspiration I find over here! Happy New week to you. xo