Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wednesday Woo: Loveable Friends

All things soft and in need of love are now gathered in our new section in the Sisters Guild Boutique:  Loveable Friends.  They are all having a great time there together, keeping each other company, but it does get a bit noisy, especially since the Big Pig moved in.  The Popje dolls,  in all their floral fabric, have recently joined the gang and are distracting the boys with their beauty! They all need a home, some little hands to hold  and adventures to share.  Which one will become your favourite?

The Popje Dolls - Cats & Rabbits - are part of the new collection from kidsonroof. They are made of recycled fabrics and come in a lovely fabric box.  Small £14, Big £16

Jungle Team Rattles by Maileg - Lion, Crocodile, Monkey, Giraffe, Leopard, Elephant - each one has a little bell inside, for little hands to shake and smile. £9.50 each

The Leila Lou collection of dolls are vintage-inspired fabric dolls hand-made in France.  With lovely names such as Eva, Manon, Tallulah, Fergus, Florence, Leila and Kyla, they make unique gifts to be treasured. From £6.00

The Maileg Rabbits are here to charm us with their lollopy arms and legs and beautifully detailed outfits. There's boys and girls in different sizes, from £14

New to the Maileg range and perfect for a newborn baby gift are the Baby Butterfly Bunny Rattles. With a sweet little face and big ears ready to nibble. £9.50 each

The stripey Flap Ear Rattle by Lucky Boy Sunday is made of Alpaca Wool and likes nothing better than a good shake. £32

Monkeys are always a favourite with boys and girls and the Stripey Maileg Monkeys make great little play friends. In pink stripe or blue stripe, £14.95 each

There's a whole family of Maileg mice who live in matchboxes.  They have some rather lovely bedding and sweet little outfits.  Such a wonderful gift and collectible too.  We now have the vintage-style Maileg  matchbox with a Turquoise outfitted boy mouse
The full collection is here
, from £16.95

And lastly, one of our favourite new additions from the Maileg Aw11 collection, the Big Pig Cuddle Pillow.
Adorable and in need of your arms!

Visit  the Loveable Friends together here

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