Friday, 7 October 2011

Once Upon a Week: Cousins

It's been wonderful to see the cousins growing together over the summer, playing in Granny's garden and enjoying the special bond that cousins have. Stripping off and paddling on the hottest days, out in wellies and macs in the rain - or escaping with just soggy socks on without a care in the world.

'Come on Gabe' says Oona, the youngest but secretly the leader.  Gabe giggling as 'Oona is soooo funny.'  Sessi, being the eldest, dutifully reporting back to the grown-ups about what mischief they are up to!  They remind us to make the most of each moment, to feel free and relaxed, to let them get mucky and stay up late under the stars.

We captured many moments on camera but we hope each of them have their own bank of memories of cousins time at Granny's.

'When it's sunny in Granny's garden it feels like we can do things forever' Gabe

This is a new series - Once Upon a Week - where we give you a glimpse into the lives and times behind the scenes of Sisters Guild.

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