Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tell Us it's Tuesday: Kat of Housewife Confidential

Today's 'Tell Us' is a special one for us as we have the wonder that is Kat aka @thatkat, blogger of Housewife Confidential , editor for Bambino Goodies, Mum of three and a whole lot more.  Her twitter feed alone is noteworthy as she has a lot of love to give - the definition of 'surfing powers for good'. We were 2 uncertain sisters at the start and Kat embraced us like our true sister mentor.  That's something we will not forget.

Kat herself is incredible - you can see this from her blog Housewife Confidential.  It is an honest and beautiful blog about family life with stunning photos (making Kat a Mad Blog Finalist), delicious recipes, stories and insights that are often very moving and heart-warming.  Kat is someone who inspires, who makes people stop and think and you'll always come away from her blog feeling lifted.  We think Kat's a little bit magic.  She knows a lot of things. We wanted to know a bit more about her.  Here she is...

Photo by Kat's son Monty

On waking the first 3 things I do are…. try to go back to sleep, check the time and pick up my phone to checkout blogs/instagram/twitter

If I had a superpower it would be…. endless energy – I never seem to have enough to do everything I dream up

If I could trade places for a day with someone it would be… Jane Foster – I would love to rifle through her fabric collection

If someone wrote a story about me the title would be… greed: a tale of many meals

When I was seven years old I had a lot of rabbits

If you open my fridge you will see…. (I went to look) piles of vegetables, lots of eggs, cheeses, trout fillets, sausages, a big tub of yoghurt, chorizo, chilles and a lot of condiments.

My favourite view is… looking across Beer beach at the cliff top allotments

The 3 things I will tell my children are… look after each other, do what makes you proud, dream big

The song or musical piece for the theme tune of my life is… Mushaboom by Feist


I used to be… a scientist

My biggest guilty pleasures are…
I don’t do guilt!

My wardrobe is…
practically empty – I never manage to put anything away these days.

Never have I ever…
eaten a tomato

My children taught me…
to trust myself

Life is like a…
never ending series of surprises

My earliest memory is….
sneakily drinking a Cinzano & lemonade and then later falling off my stool during Christmas dinner. I was 17 months old.

My underwear drawer …
is filled with beautiful bras from my pre-breast feeding days (I miss them)

I feel like running for the hills when….
I see the thousands of unread emails in my inbox

On my teenage bedroom wall there was
… horse and band posters

My ideal partner would have the mind of /  skills of  / body of…
Mr Kat and I are so well suited that I can’t think of a single thing I would change.

Kat, your passion for life really is contagious. I'm going to be listening to 'your' song all day.  Your fridge reflects a true cook - when's lunch?  Enjoy life's surprises - guilt-free, yes, that's the best way. Thank you Kat. x


  1. All hail the Kat! Such an honest and inspiring interview from a wonderful wonder-woman. xx

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I really value our friendship x

  3. I love Kat, she is a real woman, with real opinions and is just fab