Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wednesday Woo: New Lucky Boy Sunday collection

It is always with gasps and smiles that we open the newly arrived box of Lucky Boy Sunday creations.  This is a collection that gets us very excited and this autumn & winter season we adore the new creatures that have joined the gang: Stanley DeLarge, Mr Bell, Sailor Jack, Kiki, Bobo, Beauty Baby and the one I have developed a crush on, Snoop!  Their expressions are so beguiling as they beckon you to hold them and take them away on a little jaunt.  And hold them you will, as they are made of the oh so soft and desirable alpaca wool. They are made to be lifelong friends.

Camilla & Camilla, the Danish creators of Lucky Boy Sunday, say:
The collections are made of very soft 100% baby alpaca and are produced in Bolivia by very talented women. We support some of the most poor population by giving them a good job and a fair price. At the same time the Bolivian knitters make our dreams come alive.

We really admire what this talented duo are doing.  Read more about them in the Story Behind the Collections here

"We try to capture poetry. We adore the unsaid - it inspires your own imagination to create"

Discover the Lucky Boy Sunday collection here
And look out for the Christmas pieces coming soon!

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  1. These are great, love their drôle expressions! 1st I've heard of "Lucky Boy Sunday", inspiring work. I just came across your lovely store on Facebook, so glad I did :)

  2. So pleased you've discovered Lucky Boy Sunday - there are quite incredible aren't they. Yes, drole is a good description of their expressions. Glad they have inspired.