Thursday, 17 November 2011

The Art of Living: Lapland Dreams

Sweden is a place that I have always dreamt of travelling to and if I had to decide between summer and winter it would have to be winter, as I would love to go when it is covered in snow.  It must be quite magical with the snow covered forests and frozen lakes - a true winter wonderland.  Lapland isn't just where Father Christmas comes from...

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The Northern Lights can be seen clearly from Swedish Lapland - Laponia.  The winter phenomenon called Polar Night  is when the sun never rises above the horizon, during a 24-hour period so this is the time to experience the Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis, dancing across the dark polar skies – it would be such a beautiful sight to behold.

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Sweden is also the location of the ICE HOTEL.  I would love to see this feat of architecture.  It's hard to imagine sleeping on a bed of ice, no matter how many rugs - do you think hot water bottles are allowed!

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 There's another unusual place to stay which fills me with such awe and excitement as this is the ultimate tree house - the TREE HOTEL with different rooms of architectural wonder amongst the forest:

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The TREEHOTEL is firmly on my dream list - and families are welcome too! Activities can be arranged, including snowshoe hikes and dog-sled rides. That's a family adventure for future years.

There's plenty of resources online for planning your visit to Sweden, being a good place to start.

Little Scandinavian is a really inspiring blog with a travel section, including this post about Visiting Lapland which I found during my Lapland research.

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