Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday Woo: Hucklebones

Girls are so lucky to be clothed in Hucklebones.  These are clothes made with such thought and detail, with fabrics so tactile, tailoring so perfect, you just wish the collection came in adult sizes too!  For the autumn & winter season there is lambswool, velvet, silk and corduroy in a beautiful palette of edible colours - blueberry, biscuit, aubergine, heather and cinnamon.  Each season a new print is designed and for AW11 it is 'Jenny Wren' with a delicate bird motif in warm reds, rust and berry shades, printed on silk.  There's a lovely Jenny Wren Ruffle Dress and Skirt and the Boucle Wool Car Coat and Cloche Hat is lined in the silk print too.

Whenever I behold the Hucklebones collection I truly feel that Zoe Goldsmith, the designer behind Hucklebones, has achieved such a perfect balance of innocent charm and vintage-chic style.  The bows, buttons and pleats lend an innocent, feminine feel to the clothes, yet the extra attention to detail and the cut of the garment adds a more sophisticated edge that you rarely see on children's clothing. That's why Hucklebones stands out. It is a collection designed with an important fact in mind - that from a young age a girl can really feel and enjoy how special a garment is in its tailoring and fabric. Hucklebones is not necessarily about being fashionable, it's about pure appreciation of clothes of outstanding design and quality. 

The Car Coat in Boucle Wool with its rounded collar and pockets looks like a vintage find, pulled from an old leather suitcase, preserved from previous generations - designed in a time when clothes were made with longevity in mind.  Hucklebones achieves exactly that for the modern age of clothing design - clothes of exquisite beauty and style that are made to last.

One of my favourite pieces from the collection is the Ponti Roma Jacket - a chic, iconic piece reflecting the femininity of the 60's:

View the Hucklebones collection here

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  1. Oh to have daughters! Those pieces are absolutely exquisite. My Goddaughters and nieces may well be in for a bumper Christmas.