Monday, 14 November 2011

Monday Makery - Felt Christmas Tree Decorations

I love working with felt and its an easy fabric for children to use too. I love too how rustic these trees look and all their imperfections are beautiful. Using wool to decorate them makes it easy for little hands and there is no need for symmetry, in fact the more wonky they are the more wonderful.

Here's what you'll need:

  • pieces of felt in your chosen colours
  • pencil and card
  • scissors
  • wool
  • a darning needle or a needle suitable for using wool
  • stuffing.
  • ribbon for hanging

Here's how:

  1. Begin by drawing the outline of your trees onto card and cut out.
  2. Using your cut out trees as templates draw around each one onto your felt. Remember you will need two of each design - a front and a back.
  3. Thread your needle with the wool and tie a knot on one end. 
  4. Start to decorate your felt tree just as you would sew a lacing card. 
  5. Cut your ribbon for the hanging loop and fold over in half and pin it in place at the top of the tree. 
  6. Now to sew them together. You can do this by hand with the wool or needle and thread. I tried to teach Sessi how to use the sewing machine which was great fun albeit a little nerve wracking! Remember to leave a gap so you can fill it with your stuffing.
  7. Fill with wadding or stuffing or even cotton wool and then sew the last remaining edge to complete.

They're all ready to hang and as well as decorating your home they would make great gifts for other people too. I think we'll make some more for Granny who'll adore them as much as we do.
You can make other designs too; a snowman, a soldier or stars. Be as creative as you're able and let all the imperfections be part of their beauty.

This is part of our Monday Makery where each week we bring you a recipe to bake, a craft to create and simple ideas for fun things to make with children. We know that sometimes the craft isn't about the final finish but having created something together and we want to encourage everyone to have a go. I am certainly a 'newbie' when it comes to making things and trust me I'll leave all baking recipes to my sister, you see the thing is my girls love it, they feed me with inspiration and I love that our home is a constant and evolving state of creating and creations.

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Christmas is coming and we've been busy putting together a little inspiration to help you through. We're helping Father Christmas with his lists and guiding you though our selection of gifts and decorations.

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