Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tell Us it's Tuesday: Carla of Sisters Guild!

Here is Carla, the youngest sister and the most determined force of Sisters Guild.  I wrote about Carla in one of our very first blog posts here.  It is her amazing ideas and energy that we 'harness' in the Sisters Guild Blog & Boutique.  There's no need for me to list here what she does in her many roles - she is a walking (or galloping) phenomenon! I actually do think she has some superpowers - I know her 2 daughters certainly believe their mummy has a secret magic like no other!

On waking the first 3 things I do are…
(weekends) dodge Oonas dive, (mostly succeed) attempt to tempt the girls back to sleep, (mostly fail) ask Eldar if it’s his turn to get up early…(mostly fail)

(weekdays)Dodge Oonas dive (mostly succeed), wish I could ask elder if it was his turn to be up early, start answering the onslaught of questions from the girls.

If I had a superpower it would be…
To control time.

If I could trade places for a day with someone it would be…
with Sophia, my eldest daughter she has such insight already and I’d love to be able to understand her mind, and her image of the world around her/ with my mother, I could absorb all her wisdom, see the world through her, learn all her experiences and perhaps be a better mother for it.

If someone wrote a story about me the title would be...‘Mistress of distraction’

When I was seven years old…I met my father, had an invisible friend and ‘fell in love’ for the first time. It was quite a year!

If you open my fridge you will see...old salad having failed to keep my promise of eating it! home-made playdough, an optimistic amount of sauces, far too many jams and enough goats milk to bathe in.

My favourite view is…all my family together (anywhere)

The 3 things I will tell my children are… ‘enough is as good as a feast’  ‘look after each other you are the best friends you will ever have’ and ‘I love you’ everyday.

The song or musical piece for the theme tune of my life is…Bare Neccessities (Jungle Book) or We Could Have Been Anything That We Wanted to be....(Bugsy Malone)

I used to...dream for myself now I dream for my daughters

My biggest guilty pleasures are… chocolate and shoes’s, and telling waiters/waitress’s its Oona’s birthday just so we can all sing the song! (I don't do it often enough)

My wardrobe is… a tribute to all that I have ever been and all that I would like to be

Never have I ever… had so many ideas in my head

My kids taught me… patience, the importance of time well spent, the ability to make pancakes whilst still sleeping, the joy in the simplest things, and more importantly that a box is never just a box .

Life is like a… an empty canvas that we should colour as much as we can.

My earliest memory is…of morrocan markets, (I just see blurs of colour and 'Uncle' TJ's style of walking).

My underwear drawer… is 8 drawers of tulle, lace, cotton and silk!  Or as Bekka would put it ‘nothing appropriate whatsoever!’

I feel like running for the hills when….
I receive another (children’s) party invitation to gambado!.

On my teenage bedroom wall there was… a collection of black and white movie stills dating back to the 1920’s.

My ideal partner would have the mind and the skills of... Eldar (my husband) only he would be able to create a delicious meal without calling for take-away and he wouldn't have to travel so much.

This is part of our new series of Tuesday blog posts where we ask you to tell us all. We wanted a fun way way to get to know the people behind the blogs and businesses we follow. We have more people lined up to reveal themselves and may be asking you too!

We also publish other series in our blog including our Monday Makery, Wednesday we show you our favourite seasonal pieces and Thursdays is dedicated to the 'Art of Living' in which we share ideas and inspiration from places to visit, things to see and articles about things that enrich our lives.


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