Monday, 21 November 2011

A gift of fun & creativity: Totem Animals & Figurines

These are my favourite things in the boutique right now. Created by the Dutch brand kidsonroof, these are Totem Animal Books with pop out the cardboard pieces to make a collection of animals along with the sceneries.  For play and decoration - they will keep both little and big hands very busy and they look so cool placed around your home in all sorts of places. A really unique gift to excite kids as well as grown-ups.
And there's also a Totem Figurines set with eight A4 sheets in a ribbon-tie book, printed with a boy, a girl, a cat, bear + baby bear, donkey, a deer, a goat, a dog, a goose and a little bird. Once popped out, they’ll make great templates to draw on. Slide them into their little stands and the figurines will come to life and participate in endless fantasy stories.  A pressie for Christmas that will definitely be played with beyond the flurry of Christmas Day.

Totem Animal Book - Eagle or Lion - by kidsonroof, £25
Totem Figurines - by kidsonroof, £17

Discover the full kidsonroof collection here

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