Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A gift for grown-ups: a PAUMES book to devour at Christmas

The gift of a book at Christmas has always been enough to make me happy, even as a child.  Christmas is a time when I like nothing better than curling up in a chair with a book or two to peruse. With mince pies and a warming drink to hand, of course.  The more visuals to devour the better.

PAUMES books are a perfect pressie for those who are into interiors and photography and also like to peek into the lives of other creative families.

We currently have 4 PAUMES titles in stock:

The Parent's Love-Chiselled Gifts for their Tiny Ones - showing the things that have been inspired by having children. It seems that expecting a child or becoming a parent stimulates creative energies within families, and PAUMES hve gathered them together in this beautiful book. £16.40

Paris Brocante - A guide to Paris's flea markets, antique dealers, vintage outlets and charity shops!  The passionate owners and managers of these shops dedicate their lives to seeking out the treasures of their trade and putting together the ultimate collection which PAUMES has photographed for our vintage appetites! £20.40

Chambres D'Enfant - The first book in PAUMES chambres d'enfants collection took place in place in Paris They visited 20 creator's families and photographed the rooms of 30 children aged between 1 to 15 years old. This is a book full of tenderness and smiles, that brims with inspiration. £20.40

Children's Rooms - Paris - The second exploration of children's rooms in Paris. Filled with tranquillity or a vibrant energy, tidy like a museum or happily topsy-turvy, a vast space or the size of a doll's house - children's bedrooms have one point in common: tenderness.  £20.40

This is part of a new seasonal series where we bring you a guide to all things festive. We'll be decorating and preparing wish lists and gift guides for all the family and with some little treats and wondrous surprises along the way. You'd better be sure to come and join the festivities with us.

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Be sure to watch our Monday Makery- we'll be bring you decorations to make, recipes to bake, homemade gift ideas and new traditions to begin.  The Art of Living will help guide you through what's on and what's great for families.  And on Friday we'll be giving you sneek peeks into the houses of the sisters of Sisters Guild in our Once upon a Week.

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