Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Story Behind our Collections: Kidsonroof

Having a nearly 4 year old son who has inherited his Dad's engineering and architectural mind, I am always looking out for creative toys that have an element of construction.  I was led to kidsonroof a while back and when we wanted to expand the imagine & play section of the boutique we knew the kidsonroof collection would fit pefectly with Sisters Guild.

Kidsonroof = creativity + imagination + sustainable approach = great to play with -/- visual pollution for the grown ups!

Behind kidsonroof is a creative family who live a very inspiring life in Holland. Romy Boesveldt and Ilya Yashkin established kidsonroof in 2005. With kids comes a new perspective and as a family they wanted to 're-connect modern life with nature and discover basic values.' Together with their 3 kids and their little friends they have a 'testlab' where they conjour up new ideas. Further design visions are nurtured from simple time spent in the Southern French Mountains in a 'little shed' with no electric or running water.  You can see how such creativity can flourish.

Ilya has trained as an architectural designer. He brings the ingenious 3-dimensional design to kidsonroof. Romy is all about conceptual development and styling.  Together they are the imaginative heart of kidsonroof.

Kidsonroof really is all about imagination.  The Totem collection consists of sets of recycled cardboard pieces decorated with graphics and pattern that slot together to become planes, trees, buildings, birds, animals, ships, figurines and so much more.  With kidsonroof the possibilities are fantastical and far-reaching. For a child's mind that is just the thing, there is no limit to the way something can be played with.  

The Totem collection can be fully appreciated by adults too - for play and decoration.  We know many a home that has the Totem Tree and the animals from the Totem Books bringing wonder to shelves, tables, desks, hallways, mantlepieces and windowsills.

Another collection within kidsonroof is 'Casa.'  Here the scale gets a bit bigger, yet it is the simplicity that can be enjoyed. There are recycled cardboard houses to decorate and play with inside and out.  And a Trojan Horse..

The Trojan Horse is made of recycled cardboard and children can sit on it or play with it, along with its' baby horse.  Extra magic comes from the little tinkling sound from within the horse.
This beautiful toy and pure object was designed by Alex Hellum. By the shape and character of the horse you can spy his Scandinavian origins.  Alex has worked for over 20 years in the UK as a teacher and for Heal's and Ercol amongst others, but he is originally from Norway.

Altogether kidsonroof is an oustanding creative achievement that brings something so refreshing to children's play and to our homes. Kidsonroof is a noteworthy classic for the new creative generation of parents and children who desire and appreciate design that is visually stimulating, tactile, imaginative and ecological too.

I know my home is slowly being filled with the Totem and Casa pieces and they don't feel like toys - they are pure joy and celebration of shape, colour and form!

Discover the kidsonroof collection here

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