Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Discovering Pixies

Hanging pixies by Maileg, Bendable Pixies by Maileg £9.50 each, Bendable Climbing Pixies by Maileg £9.50 each, Pixy Girl Patchwork by Maileg £69.95, Chritsmas Pixy Family by Maileg £39.50 each, Advent Pixy Calendar Boy & Girl by Maileg £71.00 each,  Pixy in a Tin by Maileg £18.50 each, Children's Pixy Hats by Maileg £13.95

Can you tell we have a soft spot for these wonderful Maileg pixies!

If you've never stumbled accross a pixy before you may also like to know that the 'pixy family comes from an itty-bitty country far away in the North. From there, pixies have wondered to most other parts of the world, yet only the fewest know the little pixy well. The little pixy is shy, and would much rather have us believe that he is made only of pure cotton from top to toe. But, we do know, that deep inside of him a sweet Christmas heart is pounding.

Our collection of pixies has everything from enormous advents to start new traditions to micro hanging and bendable pixies and even your very own pixy hat!  Add a little pixy magic to your Christmas in true Scandinavian style!

View the Maileg Pixy collection here

This is part of a new seasonal series where we bring you a guide to all things festive. We'll be decorating and preparing wish lists and gift guides for all the family and with some little treats and wondrous surprises along the way. You'd better be sure to come and join the festivities with us.

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Be sure to watch our Monday Makery- we'll be bring you decorations to make, recipes to bake, homemade gift ideas and new traditions to begin.  The Art of Living will help guide you through what's on and what's great for families.  And on Friday we'll be giving you sneek peeks into the houses of the sisters of Sisters Guild in our Once upon a Week.

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