Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Story Behind our Collections: Kukkia

This past year, as Sisters Guild grew and gathered new collections we had in mind some unique wooden toys to add to the boutique.  We weren't sure where these would spring from but we did remember hearing about a Japanese Design Company with a creative vision, and it was just a matter of tracking them down.  Kukkia is the name that was hanging on our lips and we had a buzz of excitement as we discovered their collections of kiko+ and gg*

Kukkia started in 2009 as a design production company with the wish to 'give big smiles to kids and their families all over the world.' .  At Kukkia there are two brands - the original brand gg* and the new brand kiko+.  Both are very compelling in that they design toys like no other...

kiko+ is the special brand of wooden toys and plans for kids.
We think that kiko+ will grow with kids and kids are like tiny artists.
As they have their own sense of design and character,
each item will be a bright treasure.
kiko+ and kids, they will always walk together!
Kaz & Nov the talented female duo behind gg* say:

We hope to inspire many happy smiles, because for us they are the greatest treasure!
We wish to be a bridge between kids, adults and the world.

We want to give kids a little bit of inspiration to embark on new adventures.
We want to excite their imaginations so that they can discover for themselves the joy of playtime.

We see kids as the world's little artists, so creative and full of joy!
Through different games and activities, we want to learn with them and about them.
May gg* toys take you on an incredible journey of discovery.

Such a wonderful philosophy and one that we agree with wholeheartedly. 

And to make these playthings extra special gifts to give and receive each gg* toy contains the following:
- a newspaper with a poem and message from gg*
- a postcard to send back to gg* with a picture, a message or idea, to add to a book they plan to publish.
- an eco bag made of 100% hemp instead of a cardboard box

Kukkia is a true celebration of family and the world.  The kiko+ Tanabata Stars sum this up perfectly: Tanabata is a star festival on the seventh day of July in Japan, dedicated to love, where children make a wish on a star.  This Tanabata set features 100 star shaped wooden dominos. Stars are divided into 7 colors (10 of each) and 30 natural beech stars embossed with numbers from 0 to 9.  Kids can use them in many ways including learning to count, decorating, or playing dominos.  I also think they just feel so lovely and look wonderful on display.

We believe we have found some unique pieces for Imagine & Play in the kiko+ and gg* collections.  We join them in their wishes to bring smiles to families across the world.

Discover kiko+ and gg* here

This is part of our series of blogs where we share the story behind our collections; because the collections and their creators mean so much to us here at Sisters Guild we want to pass the story on.

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