Friday, 18 November 2011

Once Upon a Week - Missing The Moment

Sometimes life gets so busy I forget to slow down, to pause and appreciate all that's around me. A week can go by in a blur of school runs, cooking, cleaning, doing homework, running here and running there and cooking again that in all the flurry of motherhood I forget the biggest pleasure of all; being still with my children.
People say 'they grow up so fast' and sometimes its hard to see that on a day when you wish they'd grow out of a bad habit, grow out of nappies finally or be able to be that little bit more independent rather then cling to your legs whilst you're trying to make it round the supermarket, and on days when I'm exhausted i'm certainly guilty of wishing the day away until bed time. But lately I've been trying to pause and slow down because we can't rewind the days when they are young. It does go by so fast and sometimes I wish we could have the day forever. 
All of us now share our lives, with a portion of their days now spent in school and I miss my girls. Not all the time but mostly I miss them. We no longer have those endless days of discovering together that are those first few years. Where did the time go? 

Life is just too short to let it go by in a blur, to not catch each moment. Tomorrow the weekend arrives and I shall wake in the morning and say 'today is ours!' and I shall treasure it for all of our tomorrows. Time today belongs to us.

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