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Homemade Gifts - Jar of Create me Cookies

In the build up to Christmas I'm hoping to get you all crafting at least one gift this year. Giving gives in return a wonderful feeling and its made even more wonderful when giving something created by your own hands. Every year we try to create our own presents for the family we buy gifts too but feel that sometimes we want to make it even more special to craft something that we know our friends and family will enjoy and perhaps last longer than the usual gift of woolly socks we try not to end up getting for Uncle Stu!

Hand made felt Christmas tree decorations
Children enjoy making gifts even more than buying them, I don't think there are many children who'd prefer to go trapsing around shops at this time of year over staying at home and baking and painting. The great thing about these makeries is you can print them off hand them over to your partner and let him oversee the projects whilst you curl up quietly for some online shopping or head out to buy those 'secret' gifts you wouldn't otherwise get the chance to get. To make it fair be sure to save some to make too, that way your partner can have some secret shopping time too....though if you're like me you'll probably need to give him a list of options or rather more kindly put a 'wish list'.

how to make scrabble magnets

So far the Makery has brought you some easy peasy gift ideas to create yourself. Homemade scrabble magnets, a great gift for young children, and a fantastic stocking filler too. Felt tree decorations which would be a beautiful gift for granny, and here is a simple idea Cookies in a jar!

Well, almost.....Sometimes nothing beats a homemade gift, but even better to pass the gift of making onto someone else. This is just a simple gift idea that's so very easy to put together and perfect for kitchen concoctions on boxing day. The best thing is it takes all the chore of weighing and measuring out of the equation with gift tag instructions all you need do is add butter, add egg, mix and bake. A jar of yummy and a great gift.

Here's what you'll need:

For the mix:
  • Plain flour - 180g
  • Soft brown sugar - 100g
  • chocolate chips - 240g
For the wrapping:
  • Airtight jar
  • card and pencil
  • ribbon
  • scissors

Here's how:
  1. Put your dry mixture into your jar. We put the flour first followed by the sugar then the chooclate chips on top, but no order is necessary we just liked the striped effect with the chocolate chips on top, especially the way that you have to cram them all in and upon opening the chocolate drops are literally bursting out!

Now for the cookie instructions:
  1. We drew around a roll of sticky tape to measure the size of our label. It needs to be big enough to write the instructions on though it can be folded to open like a card if you want to make it smaller. We first made a circle of brown card to decorate like a chocolate chip cookie and then another to glue to the back with the instructions.
  2. Here's the instructions for your label:                                                                                                                                                                                             

    Make Me!
    * Beat 125g of soft and squidgy butter, its better to do this in a bowl
    so its not so messy! 
    * Tip these yummy yet secret ingredients into the bowl and add 1 beaten egg
    * Mix, mix, mixxity mix it all together.
    * make small balls with your dough and load up a greased baking tray.
    be sure to leave a little room to for each to grow - 6cm ought to do it.
    * Bake in a preheated oven 180C for 10-12 minutes.
    * Be patient
    * Cool on a rack. Be patient. It is a virtue.
    * Scoff but remember 'sharing is caring'.

  3. Now stick your label and your cookie tag together. Make a hole for the ribbon using a pencil or the tip of the scissors, and wrap it around your jar. To finish off you can add a mini wooden spoon.

These make great gifts for family and friends the only trouble is you have to resist using it yourself. You'll just have to collect lots of jars so you can make a whole batch for everyone.
If you like the idea of giving a little jar of yumminess why not make some vanilla sugar. All you need is a jar, soft fine white sugar and a vanilla pod! Easy to put together but heaven to receive.

This is part of our Monday Makery where each week we bring you a recipe to bake, a craft to create and simple ideas for fun things to make with children. We know that sometimes the craft isn't about the final finish but having created something together and we want to encourage everyone to have a go. I am certainly a 'newbie' when it comes to making things and trust me I'll leave all baking recipes to my sister, you see the thing is my girls love it, they feed me with inspiration and I love that our home is a constant and evolving state of creating and creations.

Our daily blogs offer you a sneak preview in our 'once upon a week' where we give you an insight into a week with Sisters Guild, a guide to whats on, with places to visit and things to do with all the family in our 'Art of Living', on Tuesday we bring you a little closer to our designers and why we chose them with 'The Story behind Our Collections' and a little closer to the bloggers, crafters and friends of Sisters Guild with our fun 'Tell us its Tuesday', whilst on Wednesday we show you new arrivals and inspiring discoveries in the Sisters Guild Boutique. To find where we get our inspiration from take a look at 'An A-Z of Sisters Guild' ; a collection of images inspired by the words which express the meaning of what we believe.

Christmas is coming and we've been busy putting together a little inspiration to help you through. We're helping Father Christmas with his lists and guiding you though our selection of gifts and decorations.

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