Friday, 4 November 2011

Once Upon a Week - Fright Night

Halloween was coming and no occasion goes by in our house without some sort of elaborate affair. The girls wanted to house a party; a candlelit supper with friends. So, out went the invites and in came the ideas to make it a fun yet frightful evening. 
We carved pumpkins and lit them around the house, we drew and cut out bats on black card. You can see some above here flying towards the kitchen downstairs, and some sleeping under the stairs. We stuck some to the front of the house and our front door too. Sophia wrote in huge black letters across 3 pieces of A4 paper b o o. We collected as many candles as we could and cupcakes were topped with inedible looking colours of green and orange and black sparkles sprinkled on top! 
The girls loved having friends around much later than usual and our candlelit supper was fun but perhaps made more so because we had to keep running upstairs, grabbing our basket of goodies and answering the door to evil monsters, some rather pretty witches, Dracula's, ghosts, a few skeletons and all sorts of freaky looking creatures under 4ft tall!
Off trick or treating into the dark street and Oona of course spent most of the evening clinging to my leg. The streets were so busy with families all in costume and there was such a feeling of close commuinty it was wonderful. Though with Oona rather terrified I carried her along our entire route and back again whilst she was unwilling to knock on the doors with her big sister and friends and she was sad she wasn't managing to get any treats in her little bag! Big sisters thankfully shared all her loot.
When finally we came home our street looked dark and haunting. I turned the key in the door and flicked the lights on. Only they didn't come on! No electricity! Two scared children having been terrified by the tricks they had seen and high on the treats they had munched it was all too much. With our fire glowing to give us light along with the pumpkins and the bats guarding the hallway and still ghouls and monsters knocking on the door we scribbled note 'dear ghouls and ghosts and creatures of the night it is with regret that we have no more treats' and off to find pyjamas we stumbled torch in hand.
With our heavy blackened eyes cleansed, our warts washed away and sugary teeth brushed we all clambered together into bed and read stories by candle light and all fell fast asleep to be woken by all the lights coming back on from their paused position.
Sometimes its the things that are unplanned that turn out to be best part of all.

Halloween invites & Lollipop's dresses as ghosts!

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