Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Wednesday Woo: Dressing Up Box

When we were little Christmas always involved getting dressed up in costumes and putting on a play.  Invariably, there would be a central theme of the Baby Cheesus (played by whoever was the baby cousin at the time) and then veering off on all sorts of tangents influenced by whatever oufits, wigs, hats and props we could find.  Plus some heartfelt singing and recorder playing.  I recall one Christmas when the oldest cousin Tamarose was the 'Director' and I was dressed in a flying jacket and goggles with a hip flask and vacuum cleaner as a prop - I can't remember the storyline but I do remember the grown-ups laughing a lot.  Later we inherited some real theatre costumes from our Grandpa Hector who was a stage actor - amongst the costumes was a silk Pierrot outfit and a Robin Hood outfit which were amazing.  It resulted in some very curious stories, as well as squabbles over who got to be the Pierrot! 

Anyhow, my mind turns to the cousins of now and how the eldest Sophia is definitely the Playwright and would make an excellent one if she ever chose that career path.  I just don't know how she'll get the mischievous Gabe & Oona to co-operate in the Christmas play.  But there is a fantastic dressing up box at Granny's (with thanks to our brother Adam).  We look forward to seeing what they come up with - and we'll try and get some pics for you!

If you need some bits to add to your dressing up box, we have a a growing collection of capes and masks and tutus here - a great combination for some fun stories!

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