Thursday, 10 November 2011

Mama's Green Wishes

Everyone has their favourite colour and at the moment I'm very drawn to every shade of green. The dove print by Rice DK has been one of our favourites this year and I know this satchel would be great for big sis to use as a nappy bag when her baby bundle arrives in March and the matching pouch would be great to keep all those baby essentials seperate inside. The baby alpaca cushion by Lucky Boy Sunday is a firm favourite along with Stanley DeLarge. The colourful storage baskets would be a nice addition to my ever increasing bits and bobs I use for crafts, and how much time i'll save - unhooking all the coats in the hallway to get mine that has been buried at the bottom - with this carousel coat hook ! Oh and just beacuse sometimes my mornings need a little special something to make me smile......I adore this velvet tea cosy!

Please Father Christmas I've been mostly good this year............

This is part of a new seasonal series where we bring you a guide to all things festive. We'll be decorating and preparing wish lists and gift guides for all the family and with some little treats and wondrous surprises along the way you'd better be sure to come and join the festivities with us.

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Be sure to watch our Monday Makery- we'll be bring you decorations to make, recipes to bake, and new traditions to begin.  The Art of Living will help guide you through what's on and what's great for families.  And on Friday we'll be giving you sneek peeks into the houses of the sisters of Sisters Guild in our Once upon a Week.

If you would like to guest blog, have a craft, recipe or some great tips for family life we'd love to hear from you.

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