Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Art of Living: Lighting up the Sky

I'm actually a bit of a cat when it comes to Fireworks.  I often prefer to be indoors and watch them from the window.  When I do make it to a Firework display I do love the big Bonfire and seeing people's faces as the light fills the nights sky, and one of my favourite things is the chorus of oooohhss and ahhhhhs. It's great to behold the way the dark sky becomes instantly illuminated and then plunges into darkness again. Then the anticipation of the finale and the uncertainty of whether it is actually the end...or just one more!

I found this pic which reminds me of Bonfire Nights on our hill - courtesy of
We grew up in a village on a hill outside Bath and the tradition for us and other families was to go through the woods to the 'plateau' from where you could see the whole of Bath and the surrounding hills - so you got to see at least 5 firework displays.  With a bonfire and sparklers, the grown-ups giggling with mulled wine, and then the stumbling home back through the dark woods with a torch, hopefully being carried and then bundled into bed.  Now that's something I'd really like to do again.

image courtesy of Time Out
As for organised displays, the one that is top in my memory is the Battersea Park Fireworks.  It's always carefully designed with amazing music - one year it was to the theme of Close Encounters and really was a spectacular Light & Music show. 

There's a full list of London Firework Displays here

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